June 2015 Real Estate Crowdfunding Snapshot

Crowdfunding snapshot of 506(c) real estate filings data for the month of June 2015:

  • 186 filings across all industry types
  • 27 of these filings identified themselves as real estate related
  • Within the real estate offerings:
    • 59% were for equity offerings, 26% for debt (not all issuers reported)
    • range of minimum investment requirement from $1 to $500,000 with $25,000 being the median
    • Half of the offerings already have already raised money at the time of the filing
    • Total offering amount of $417MM (average $16.7MM, median $7.2MM)
    • Nearly $45MM already raised for these offerings
    • States with the most offerings were California (6), Texas (4), and Wisconsin (3).

CrowdMason’s report on real estate crowdfunding data for the first half of 2015 is currently being prepared, sign up here to make sure that you receive a copy.

Real estate Crowdfunding June 2015


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